LeBron James has just shared a viral video of Ted Cruz's Democratic opponent on Twitter

► LeBron James has just shared a viral video of Ted Cruz's Democratic opponent on Twitter

The sneaky Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was deeply humiliated and defeated by Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican primary, forcing him to return to the Senate where he bent over backwards to make it easier. 39; Trump's diary as a beaten dog. Now, it seems like he could lose even that last piece of power.

Cruz's Democratic opponent, Beto O. Rourke, is quickly catching up in the polls and is preparing to take the seat of the Senate next November. And, if watching Cruz get kicked out of the corridors of power was not reason enough to attack O 'Rourke, he turned out to be a strong, intelligent and moral candidate, refusing to yield to the traditional logic of a democrat Texas must tilt to gain ground.

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  1. Le Bron James is opening his Kentucky Fried Chicken lips again? This dude is a DUD!

  2. LeBron James love his state alway went back and gave to the peoples who support him from the start and alway put his money where his mouth is, and need no thank-you from nobody he give from the heart .

  3. Vote (D) Default nationwide. Unfortunately there is never a better viable choice.

  4. LeBron? Big deal, Ted has the endorsement of Alex Jones and Texas coal miners.

  5. People stop voting Cruz into office, he is an idiot.

  6. LeBron James for president 2020 and he will defeat the pervert trump ???????

  7. Vote in November, and take someone with you.

  8. Thanks LeBron. You're the man!!!
    O'Rourke 2018!

  9. Lebron's looks special in his glasses.

  10. So Rafael (calls himself Ted) allows Trump to insult his wife without any response. NOT very Texan!

  11. I predict a lot of dancing in the streets when that no good POS gets his comeuppance. Be a great day for America and Americans. Real Americans ,not Trump commie sympathizer cultists.

  12. Cruz is the 1st Joe McCarthy clone followed by Trump. Traitors to the end.

  13. Rafael ( Ted ) Cruz is not even from Texas

  14. And I bet you a lot of the Republicans against their best wishes, still vote Republican even knowing they are completely out of touch, like they always do. I'm an independent as I think the Democrats are almost just as bad specially the ones that you guys love so much Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer all of them are a lot of guilty corporate Democrats which is the same as a Republican

  15. LeBron should stick with the only thing he knows is basketball he's to uneducated stupid to talk politics

  16. Ted Cruz is a Snake and Fake Texan……Vote this SCUMBAG out of Office…….Cruz is a Yellow Coward and TRAITOR.

  17. Oh how I hope Cruz is sent packing. He disgusts me.

  18. Dream on Cruz is going to win

  19. Is Cruz still begging for Trump's endorsement? Is he watching current developments? He may want to reconsider, distance himself and save whatever shred of dignity he may still have.

  20. Trump is desperately fighting to avoid impeachment; he incites his cult rabble to violently oppose impeachment. The best way to bring him down is through his “Achilles heel”, his children; Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric are likely to be indicted on serious criminal charges sooner or later. When the evidence against them is in, Trump should be made an offer he can't refuse; resign or they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ALL TOGETHER NOW… LOCK'EM UP!

  21. Texas For Beto! Beto For America!

  22. Please narrate your own videos. This computer reading crap is wrong. I am pretty sure you will do a better job at it.

  23. Ted must go Vote him Out…….

  24. Gooooooo BLUE!!! Vote BLUE!!!! ??????


  26. Ted Cruz is just as bad as Trump

  27. Beto aTexan!! For Texas!! I WILL VOTE BLUE WAVE WILL win!!Senator Beto!!

  28. What did shit for brains ?LeBron have to say now! Why don't you run for president James, no worse than what they have now,,,

  29. Don't vote for Ted Cruz vote democrats.

  30. Vote True Blue Baby ….Beto all the way….No pacs …. just people

  31. Beto and Lebron: now THAT’S a team I would support!