Lee Daniels, co-creator of the Empire, against Jussie Smollett and "Incident"

Test the notion that there is no bad publicity, Empire The co-creator, Lee Daniels, did nothing today to explain the impact of Jussie Smollett's alleged false hate crime on the Fox drama.

"These past two weeks have been a damn roller coaster," said the executive producer Star boss said on social media Wednesday a few hours before the last episode of Empire broadcast on the network owned by Rupert Murdoch.

"We, and my actors, have felt pain, anger, sadness and frustration, and we really do not know how to deal with it," said Daniels, very agitated, about "Incident" occurred early in the morning of January 29th. Empire Star Smollett faces three years in prison and tens of thousands of fines if she is found guilty of misconduct.

"That's not what the series was designed for," said the Oscar-nominated director, explaining why the case has apparently dominated all the talk about Empire, who returned for the second half of his fifth season on March 13th. "The show was created to bring the United States together and talk to them about the atrocities that are currently taking place on the streets," said Daniels in his personal commentary – look below:

Even though their temperament is similar, today's comments by Daniels testify day and night of his unwavering support for the day of the alleged attack on the actor who plays openly gay gay Jamal Lyon in the hip hop drama co -created by Daniels with Danny Strong. "You do not deserve, nor does anyone deserve, to have a noose around your neck, to throw you bleach, to call you die fggot ngger or whatever it is that's what they told you, "Daniels said on social media. January 29 in Smollett, whose character in many ways supports the EP itself.

"Look up, Jussie," the Precious Helmer shouted that the Chicago police approached the case originally as a "potential hate crime."

"I agree, I'll be there in a minute, because it's just another day of fishing in America."

On March 14, again in court to plead not guilty to the charges of Chicago prosecutors, Smollett, represented by Mark Geragos, has always maintained his innocence in the face of accusations that he organized the racist and homophobic assault.

After Smollett's arrest on February 21, Chicago prosecutors read to the court a long series of sms exchanged between Smollett and brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, describing a clearly planned attack. Far from the racist and homophobic attacks described for the first time by Smollett at the end of January, the texts detailed the preparation of funds to buy supplies, drugs, the setting up of meetings and the assurance that the songs and MAGA hats were part of the aggression.

Currently on bail of $ 100,000, Smollett is featured in the episode "In Loving Virtue", filmed a long time ago, airing tonight, but he's released the last two episodes of season 5 of Empire. The court appearance should dominate his schedule over the next few months. There is no official way to know if the actor will come back any longer. Empire if the show directed by Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson is renewed, as planned.

The enormous attention this case has generated has not resulted in the strong participation of EmpireThe mid-season comeback of last week. The episode "My Fault Is Past" fell to the second lowest note ever recorded for the series.

Back in court the day after the first half of the season, Smollett is scheduled to appear before a judge in Windy City on April 17.

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