Lego Ideas Metroid Set Gains Enough Support For Official Production Review

Metroid Lego

A proposal for a Metroid The Lego-based set has received sufficient support through the Lego Ideas program to be officially considered for production.

The Lego Ideas project encourages fans to create original works as a challenge, enter competitions and submit their own ideas for Lego sets. The last of these involves a Kickstarter style page, where an entry (created with real Lego or digitally) must have 10,000 support clicks to appear in front of Lego’s own panel.

Users can reveal additional ideas for the set as they get more support, but no money is given. An idea is to get 100 supporters in 60 days, and additional stages up to 10,000 supporters in six months. After review and if the set is produced, the original designer will get 1% of total net sales, 10 free sets of his Lego set and credited in the materials of the set.

While Lego does not accept ideas from third parties that they have previously produced sets for (including previous sets of Lego ideas), previous entries have resulted in sets based on Sesame Street, Friends, The Flinstones, Mickey Mouse, Voltron, The Beatles, Adventure time, Doctor Who, and more. Now a set based on Metroid can materialize.

At the time of writing this piece, the ensemble had 513 days to go and had already gathered 9,948 supporters. As this article was almost completed, he reached his goal of 10,000 supporters.

The set includes a Samus Aran minifigure in his power suit, a Zero Suit Samus figure, two Space Pirates, the last baby Metroid sealed in a glass (plastic) container, Dachoras and Etecoons (viewed and saved for the first time in Super Metroid).

The set also includes Samus’ battleship; Complete with removable roof to see into the cockpit, Technic lift arm to deploy Samus and secret door to launch Samus in his Power Ball form.

Samus’ battleship can also be built as a Hunter class battleship (as seen in Metroid Prime) complete with stud shooters and a display stand, and a Galactic Federation battleship (as seen in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) which has a landing gear and a hatch to deploy Samus.

The giant Ridley can also be incorporated into other designs based on past entries including Meta-Ridley, Omega Ridley, Proteus Ridley and (although technically not a real Ridley), Robo Ridley – or rather Mecha Ridley. For fans of Bionicle, Ridley uses Mixel ball joints to give it enough posability. Alternative colors of Space Pirates and helmet designs for Samus were also offered.

Thanks to Lego Super Mario together and the Lego NES, the idea of Metroid Lego might not be that far-fetched. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

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