Lightning beats Caps 5-4 for best game of the season

The most difficult game of the Washington Capitals season did not disappoint. The Tampa Bay Lightning is a good scary team, but the tired Caps did not shrink from the challenge. This one is a trick. Let's go.

Lars Eller opened the scoring in the first period with a solo practice after Alex Killorn returned the puck.

The Caps led this lead in the second period, where everything went to hell (temporarily). Nikita Kucherov scored a power play goal early in the period and Steven Stamkos added another power play goal a minute later. A total mess in front of the Caps net was scored by a goal against Anthony Cirelli. But wait! Carl Hagelin kept the third line blank, then TJ Oshie looked for a power-play goal to tie the game. Kucherov scored a second goal as the decisive penalty kick of the Caps was panicked, restoring the Bolts' lead.

Washington was relentless in the third period but could not beat goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy of Tampa before Evgeny Kuznetsov threaded the needle to tie her in and force extra time. The Caps played well in overtime, but Victor Hedman finished.

Caps lose 5-4 in overtime.

  • Although it is an unengaged team, Washington seemed composed and in control from the first period. Until Wilson's penalty (meh) at the last minute, the Caps did everything correctly.
  • Behind many of these good things was Carl Hagelinwho helped establish Eller's goal and scored one of his own. Hagelin is even better than advertised. He transformed the third line and made the Dynamic and Dangerous Caps in transition. Oh, and he marks.
  • But this game did not only make smiles. It was very dark in the second half as the penalties took over the match. The Bolts, the league's best playoff team and The league's best shootout team had the upper hand, scoring two goals in the opening minutes of the third period.
  • And then there is John Carlson. Poor John started Wednesday with the Washington campaign to get a Norris nomination, then he was on the ice for three consecutive goals in Tampa, the third in Carlson's skate. Deadly.
  • Back on the good side, TJ Oshie has been playing defensively responsible and heavy hockey for weeks now. His power play goal in the second period was well deserved.
  • Michal Kempny suffered a lower body injury in the second period. Cédric Paquette and he fell together on the ice, then Paquette hit him, as he was clearly injured. Jakub Vrana, furious, participated in his first fight in the NHL. If Kempny's injury is durable and we know it soon, it could be a problem for the defensive depth before the playoffs.
  • The Caps really wanted this one, as evidenced by their totals. The Caps scored 58 shots on goal, placing this match among the top 20 in the history of the franchise.
  • With his end-game exploits, Evgeny Kuznetsov joined the club of twenty goals. It was his eighth shot at the goal of the night.

gahhh of the night

It stinks it was a loss, but it was the most programmed programmed loss with losses on the Caps calendar all year round. And yet, the Caps have intensified, achieving one of their best offensive performances of the year.

It was a The on the statistics sheet, but it was also a statement. The Caps are not finished yet. They are ready to compete again.

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Photo title: Patrick McDermott

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