Lima’s Beach Boy delivers on fan demand


LIMA – Justin Evans is a huge Beach Boys fan. Eleven years ago, he sent a letter to Beach Boy Al Jardine, born in Lima, and wanted to see if he would sign Beach Boy CD covers.

Evans, from Springfield, Ohio, lived in Lima and had been a Beach Boys fan since he was 10 years old.

He also collects autographs, which he has been doing since he was 13. As he had no news, he assumed that the CD covers he had sent to Jardine were lost.

On September 3, he received a call from Al Jardine’s digital media director Spud, who was trying to locate Evans.

On Sunday, Evans finally got the CD covers signed in person from Spud, at the Happy Daz restaurant on Bellefontaine Avenue in Lima.

“I think I got this letter in June and sometimes things just fall behind furniture or between files, and he (Al Jardine) gave me this envelope,” Spud said. “He said, ‘He’s got all these CD covers. I know the guy’s name is Justin Evans, but I don’t have a return address or return envelope, do you think you could find him on the internet? ‘ “

Spud got to work and found about 20 Justin Evans on Facebook. He checked the Beach Boys message boards and other Beach Boys Facebook pages, but just couldn’t find it.

“Then it was maybe like three or four weeks ago, when I was organizing Al’s office, I found this letter and the name of Justin Evans. It sounds familiar, then I put two and two together, and, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the guy with the CD covers,’ ”Spud said.

This letter was the one Evans wrote to Jardine when he was only 16 in March 2000.

“My girlfriend found the name Justin Evans on one of those websites that lists people and all the places they’ve lived before,” Spud said.

He dialed the number, but Evans didn’t pick up.

“I ignored the call because I thought it was spam and then I get a text from the same number saying, ‘Is this Justin Evans who is a big Beach Boys fan?’ So I called the number, and it’s Spud.

Evans agreed to meet Spud at Happy Daz in Lima, as Spud and his girlfriend were traveling the area to Kentucky.

Not only did Evans receive his signed CD covers, Jardine also signed the letter Evans sent him 21 years ago when Evans was 16 and had just become an Eagle Scout. He also received Jardine’s latest CD, signed of course by Jardine, and a pick with Jardine’s name on it.

Beach Boy Al Jardine’s assistant Spud presents fan Justin Evans with autographed CD covers in Lima on Sunday.

Justin Evans eventually received autographed CD covers from the Lima native and Beach Boy Al Jardine.

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