Little girl gets new puppy through viral video surprise

Mikayla wanted nothing more than a Maltese puppy for his 10th birthday. His parents had one, but there were still 4 weeks left. Lisa, Mikayla's mother, had the idea of ​​getting breeder Toni to make a surprise birthday video, which she did and posted on YouTube. The night before her birthday, Miki watched the video and that is her reaction. Epic!

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  1. I’m crying happy tears along with you, Mikayla. Take good care of your new little friend. Love her, and she will love you, too.

  2. Just kidding Mikayla….April Fools!

  3. 1:58 poor girl. No one gives attention.

  4. Damn I think I have something in my eye. What a great family.

  5. Omg this made me cry! How sweet! What a cute family! Enjoy many years with Lily! ❤???