Liverpool vs. Liverpool Bayern Munich – Report of the Football match – 19 February 2019

Liverpool and Bayern drew 0-0 on a low risk night at Anfield. Getty

Liverpool and Bayern Munich were canceled to draw 0-0 in the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 in a tense night at Anfield.

Liverpool lobbied at the top of the pitch in the first moments, but the Bundesliga champions settled and Kingsley Coman dribbled to the edge of the box, but it was deemed that the problem was solved when the ball came back from Jordan Henderson.

A time of confusion in the defense of Liverpool, goalkeepers Alisson and Fabinho having poorly communicated before the ball was cleared, was followed by the first opportunity of the local team when Mo Salah could not get a hit hard enough to Henderson after 12 minutes.

Two minutes later, Bayern was almost in front when a Gnabry center touched Joel Matip and was blocked by Alisson.

Sane pulled wide aside before more hesitation in the home defense created an opportunity for Coman who, from one angle, was shooting his shot into the side net.

Andrew Robertson's capricious header gave Gnabry the chance to center the Bayern player on bad control at the crucial moment, and then Salah snapped at the goal.

Joshua Kimmich was booked for a foul on Mane, which meant he would miss the return leg in Munich. After a little over half an hour, Mane had escaped on the bend after Naby Keita 's attack turned against him.

Another deflected shot of Keita was looping towards Mane, whose bicycle was flying away, then Salah and Firmino were brilliantly united before Matip moved away from the crossbar.

Georginho Wijnaldum and Firmino joined forces on the right, but the center could have been too high, with Liverpool increasing pressure in the final moments of the first half.

They continued at the beginning of the second period, Wijnaldum finding Trent Alexander-Arnold, who shot a pass to Salah before Bayern cut him.

Coman was heading towards Robert Lewandowski, well led by Fabinho, and then Salah was unable to keep the ball in play after Robertson's attempt at striking him broke.

Henderson had been booked for a foul on Javi Martinez, then Gnabry, threatened again for Bayern, blocking a tight effort from outside.

Liverpool began to look frustrated and after Coman had survived a quarter of an hour Jurgen Klopp made a double substitution, replacing Keita by James Milner and Firmino by Divock Origi.

Franck Ribery replaced Coman for Bayern and, as the match began its last 10 minutes, Kimmich intercepted a Robertson center before Matip, concealed at the edge of the box, scored a shot well framed.

Manuel Neuer recovered a low head of Mane, then Bayern brought two other changes. James Rodriguez replaced Renato Sanches and Rafinha replacing Gnabry as time ran out, placing them in pole position before the return leg at Allianz Arena.

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