‘Losing Everything’ UCLA Doctor Escorted From Medical Facility For Refusing COVID Vaccine: ‘This Is What Happens When You Defend For Freedom’


The video shows a California doctor escorted out of UCLA Medical Plaza in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The UCLA anesthesiologist is fiercely opposed to mandatory vaccines and proclaims he is “ready to lose everything” to defend his position against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr Christopher Rake – an anesthesiologist at UCLA Health – filmed himself being escorted from his workplace on Monday.

“This is what happens when you stand up for freedom and show up for work, ready to work, even if you are not vaccinated, this is the price you sometimes have to pay,” Rake says in the video as he is escorted out of the premises by three people. “What they don’t realize is that I’m ready to lose everything… job, salary, freedom, even my life, for this cause.”

UCLA Health – which operates several hospitals in the Los Angeles area – requires all in-person employees to be fully immunized or obtain an exemption.

“Those who do not play by the rules are subject to progressive discipline, including restricting access to job sites and being put on leave,” a UCLA spokesperson said in a statement to McClatchy News.

Rake said he would not receive the COVID-19 vaccine or seek an exemption.

On August 5, the California Department of Health issued a COVID-19 vaccination warrant for all healthcare workers in the state. Medical workers were to be fully immunized by September 30.

The University of California describes the ramifications for employees who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus – which can lead to layoffs.

If an employee fails to submit full proof of vaccination or to make an exception or deferral request within the timeframe prescribed in the second notice (or the first notice, if a non-exception employee) , the employee will receive a Notice of Non-Compliance indicating that the Department will initiate a period of progressive corrective action / discipline, up to and including termination / termination, against the employee. During the corrective action / discipline period, the employee will be permitted to be physically present for up to six weeks (at the discretion of the location) and must, as a condition of physical presence, comply with the NPIs defined by the site. Notwithstanding the above, employees subject to the CDPH ordinance of August 5, 2021 cannot be physically present in any UC health facility after September 30, 2021 while their requests are pending.

All UCLA Health employees are required to pass a medical assessment prior to commencing employment, as well as provide measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis B, and Tdap immunization records. As of November 2020, the University of California has required that “all members of the UC community receive a flu shot … if they plan to visit UC premises for business purposes.”

Rake has been a declared opponent against COVID-19 vaccine warrants in the past.

On August 29, Rake gave a speech at a rally against the anti-vaccine mandate in Santa Monica.

“Last year I risked my life, put on all protective gear, treated COVID patients, and very carefully tried to remove that equipment – making sure I didn’t not get infected and bring a deadly disease home to my wife and kids, ”the doctor told the crowd. “And now this year I’m a zero. This year they want to force a vaccination or drug treatment into my body that I don’t want.”

Rake continued, “So they say to me, ‘You take the jab or we take your job.’ I’m here to say, ‘No, that’s not OK.’ “

“We also want vaccinated people with us,” he added. “They deserve medical freedom. If they want to choose the vaccine, they should have this right. If they want to deny it, they should have this right.”

He stressed that vaccinated Americans “are not the enemy”.

According to the Beverly Hills Courier reporter Samuel braslowRake had previously spoken out against COVID-19 vaccination warrants at a rally outside Los Angeles City Hall.

“I told my workplace that I wouldn’t accept the religious exemption,” Rake said on video. “I defend the Constitution, and I defend human rights, and I defend all my atheist friends, I defend all those who cannot claim this exemption.”

At the time of publication, Rake’s profile on the UC Health website was still active.

Rake graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in 2004 and completed his residency at UCLA School of Medicine in 2009. He has been a certified anesthesiologist since 2010.

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