Lytic Cycle Virus

The lytic is the viral reproductive cycle in which a virus supports all the metabolic activities of a cell; replicates many times and destroys his host cell.



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  6. I do to. the thought of some organism taking over your cells by injecting it's dna into it, and removing your DNA, and making many of itself in your cell until it bursts, when the viruses all come out. D: this makes me not want to get viruses even more…

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  8. what is the different of virus reproduction and replication

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  11. since this is a t4 bacteriophage, shouldn't the virus be attacking a bacterium?

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  15. just a note about the bursting part:
    The phage directs the production of lysozyme, which is an enzyme that breaks down the cell wall.
    With a damaged cell wall, osmosis causes the cell to swell and THEN burst, releasing the phages.

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