Major release of the PlayStation 4 update: new donation system and more


Leaks suggest that the next major update to PlayStation 4 could be imminent, with a host of exciting features to implement.

The latest PlayStation update was released on March – who has seen the introduction of remote reading for iOS devices, allowing players to connect to their console by downloading PS4 Remote Play application.

A few weeks later, the much-anticipated update to PSN's online ID name change was released, finally allowing players to change their appearance during online games after years of waiting for implementation. implementation of this feature.


PlayStation users can finally change their online ID.

PS4 Update Functions Lost

According to Sony, Tidux, many new features will be added when the update of 7.00 is released.

He suggests that gift sets could be on the way to the PlayStation Store – allowing players to add games to a wish list that can be purchased by a third party.

In addition to the donation function, changes to the user interface could also include trophy progression and timelog / stats for all games played, giving users a sense of how much they appreciate. their favorite titles.

Similarly, as on the Xbox, PlayStation players will be able to pin games on their dashboard, which will allow them to access their games and their applications much more easily.

As always, these leaks must be taken with a grain of salt because there is no way to verify that the update is coming without any official communication from Sony.

The Xbox already uses a dashboard where players can pin their games and apps.

When will the PS5 be available?

While Sony continues to update its current console, speculation is brisk as to the potential release of its next generation device – the rumor
PlayStation 5

The release of the console is scheduled for the end of 2020, which means that there is still more than one year of PlayStation 4. Sony will want to maintain the interest of its console before launching the next generation.

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