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Mama June's boyfriend, Geno Doak, plants a car in a garage in a recently leaked video

Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak make the headlines after TMZ posted a video of Doak stumbling into Shannon Lane after apparently crushing his SUV in his garage.

Witnesses in the Shannon neighborhood told the media that Doak was speeding down the street before entering the driveway and crashing into the closed garage door. He would then have started honking the car for Shannon to come and help him.

The video published by TMZ Shannon is wearing a purple negligee who climbs into the passenger seat of the SUV. She seems to be leaning to try to help Doak, possibly to detach her seatbelt.

Doak comes out of the vehicle and stumbles, without shirt, shorts or socks, in the driveway and against his car. Finally, he stumbled a few steps down the sidewalk towards the front door before retiring to the SUV.

At one point, Shannon tries to pull Doak's shorts, but the latter slaps her and begins to hit the windows of the vehicle. It almost falls from the passenger seat of the car and the video ends with the fact that it's hard to sit down.

Shannon's family would have been concerned about her relationship with Doak following their arrest earlier this year for possession of crack. Doak was also arrested for domestic violence during the March incident. The family even tried to organize an intervention.

During the final of the Friday season of Mama June: Not hot, fans have seen Shannon's family try to bring the 39-year-old reality star into rehab. In a video, Shannon was shown to reject her family's requests for help, prompting interventionist Dr. Ish Major and WeTV's personality daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon. to redouble efforts.

"If you touch me, I swear to God," we can hear Shannon tell Major after trying to prevent him from leaving.

Sources close to the family said TMZ that Lauryn and Alain "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, who was removed from her mother's care, have distanced themselves from Shannon. The sisters would have made this decision after their mother chose to spend more time with Doak.

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