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The Tesla Stock Price (TSLA) is strengthening today after Elon Musk announced the removal of Twitter

Tesla share price (TSLA) has jumped more than 4% today to maintain the momentum of a rebound after a difficult start to the year. The latest increase comes after Elon Musk claimed that he was deleting his Twitter account.

The stock was down 46% since the beginning of the year, before a reversal last week that added nearly $ 40 to the price per share.

The automaker was helped by a solid shareholder meeting and by indications that information on demand issues is wrong and that Tesla could be on track for a record quarter in terms of deliveries.

But that was last week.

On Monday, the shares of Tesla experienced another significant increase without any major news being published this weekend.

However, CEO Elon Musk has released a series of strange tweets and later said that he "had just removed" his Twitter account:

He made this statement after getting a little heat on Twitter for posting a drawing without crediting the artist and refusing to do so when asked.

Some speculate that Musk's announcement that he will leave Twitter is the reason for Tesla's stock rally today.

The use of Twitter by Musk was both a tool to help Tesla by reaching a wide audience to promote its products and correcting misleading media information, but it had also caused problems and had probably negatively affected You're here.

Especially when the SEC pursued him on tweets about the Tesla transfer in the private and the Tesla production rate.

Although Musk claimed to have deleted his Twitter account, this is not entirely accurate. His account is still active and he could continue posting on it. He simply changed his user name to "Daddy DotCom".

Electrek's Take

I doubt that Elon is serious about deleting his Twitter account. Was the refusal to give credit strange? Yes. Should he delete his account for this? Probably not.

Although I agree that there have been a few periods when Elon slipped on Twitter and probably negatively affected Tesla through his comments, I think his use of social media has been mostly beneficial to Tesla.

What do you think?

In my opinion, when he uses his account to talk about Tesla's product and technology, it's still extremely positive.

To a certain extent, it is also useful to use it to dispel the misleading comments made by the media about society, but I think that too often turns into attacks and negativity.

My two cents is that he should only use his account to spread the positivity on Tesla and his other companies and not focus on the negative aspects. It will disappear with time if Tesla succeeds.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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