Marco Silva responds to Jurgen Klopp's claim in "World Cup final" ahead of Everton against Liverpool


Everton boss Marco Silva reacted to comments from Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp before the derby.

Last weekend, Klopp anticipated Everton's game and said: "Everton, we all know it's like a World Cup final."

Silva was asked about this comment during his press conference today – and was quick to refer to the "lucky goal" and celebration scenes after Liverpool's 1-0 win over Anfield in December.

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He said, "For us, it's a special match for the city and the fans.

"I did not see a big difference. I managed my last derby in December.

"What I felt was a special match for both teams. They celebrated this lucky goal. Like us and for them, they celebrated as a World Cup final. "

Speaking of how Everton will approach the game on Sunday, Silva said: "If we can perform at the level we have [against Liverpool] in December it will be fine.

"It means we will be very close to winning the match.

"It's a different time of the season but we have to be ourselves.

"Derbies are really tough games. Normally it's not a fantastic football for both teams, but we have to be really competitive.

"We have to do our best and give 100%. If we can do more, it will be great. "

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When asked if the result in Anfield in December had an impact on Everton, Silva replied:[It] affected that specific moment and he affected that result.

"We deserved more than what we achieved, but if you tell me about January, February, then no. It does not mean anything.

"We have to react. For all the good times and bad times, we must react more strongly and show character and personality.

"It had an impact at that time and maybe the week after, but not after. It does not mean anything.

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