Get an unlocked iPhone X for $ 750


Remember when the iPhone X debuted at the end of 2017? "A $ 1,000 phone ?! It will be a cold day in …" Ah, so you remember.

Today only, and within the limits of available stocks, Best Buy has the Unlocked Apple iPhone X (64GB) for $ 749.99 delivered when you choose the option "activate later". It's $ 250 off and one of the best deals for iPhone X that I can remember seeing.

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As you probably noticed on the product page, you also have the option of getting the phone priced at $ 699.99, but if you activate it with AT & T, Sprint or Verizon. My advice: buy it directly, then bring it to a carrier offering cheaper rates. You will save in the long run and you will have the opportunity to change the operator at any time.

The elephant in this room is the iPhone XR, which costs $ 750 for the unlocked 64GB model. Personally, I think these are two great phones, but there are some key differences.

The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch OLED display and the XR has a 6.1-inch LCD. They are both beautiful. I would say that size is the only factor that has changed. The iPhone X is equipped with two rear cameras, which allow to achieve a real 2x optical zoom and a soft bokeh photography (portrait effect). The XR's unique rear-view camera, on the other hand, is limited to digital zoom, although its software-based bokeh mode is surprisingly good.

The XR also has a slightly better battery life and support for Dual SIM technology. Beyond all this, the two are really similar. Lily CNET on the iPhone X ("Another candidate") and iPhone XR Review ("The best iPhone value in years") to find out more.

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The iPhone X is back, grab it while you can


I will leave it there. If you wanted an iPhone X, here is your very rare chance to make substantial savings without having to take out an extended lease or service contract.

Your thoughts?

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Do you have a Sam's warehouse near you? For a limited time and while stocks last, Groupon offers a One-year membership at Sam's Club and $ 10 electronic gift card for $ 35. Regular price for members only: $ 45.

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Pro Tip: Ebates Refund Service is currently offering a 6% refund on Groupon purchases, which would bring your net total to just under $ 33.

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If you choose free year, your subscription will be do not renew automatically – but I would put a reminder in your calendar just in case.

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