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Mario Batali is accused of indecent assault

Photo: Craig Barritt (Getty Images)

The disgraced talk show leader and host, Mario Batali, is charged with charges of sexual misconduct against him. By NBC BostonBatali, accused of inappropriate behavior by a number of women, dismissed her lecture series Chewingand giving up his stakes in his various restaurants – should be brought to justice for murder and indecent assault in Massachusetts on Friday.

The Suffolk County Attorney's Office confirmed that Batali was charged with an offense that occurred in Back Bay on March 31, 2017, in Boston – presumably a previously reported incident in which he allegedly offered a selfie to a woman in one of her restaurants, would have then kissed and groped. Batali's name was one of the first to be cited during the #MeToo movement's debut, and his dumb attempt to "excuse" – which, yes, included a cinnamon bun recipe – was one of the first marks of the infamous "Men react in a surprisingly crappy way to the series of harassment or aggression", a literary genre that has emerged in the last two years.

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