Marlon Samuels $ LAMS Mr Vegas For Viral Video From Business Man & Guard 2018

Marlon Samuels $ LAMS Mr. Vegas For Viral Video From Business Man & Guard 2018

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  1. I agree!!!!
    Shoot di video…lol…him too blouse and skirt annoying.
    The business man was traumatised and Vegas inna di man face with camera. Vegas was looking a hype!!
    Mi a dead!!!! This is too funny

  2. For this time… I must commend Marlon on his comments Re: Vegas filming the shooting incident. The firearm holder had a right to defend himself. All I see was threats. Vegas need fi stfu n goh siddung.

  3. Batty bway Marlon Samuel go suck your mother n leave Vegas alone go way Marlon go nam shit

  4. Marlon Samuels ah big attention seeking pussyhole smfh

  5. … you are guilty of the same thing you are accusing Vegas of … looking a hype off social media because regular career is over …

  6. I think we Jamaica need to pray more often we are good people stop hate each other

  7. Him betta guh back guh dance Go go

  8. Mr Marlon Samuels I think you are a respected cricketer, don’t lower yourself to mediocre things on social media, you should stay off ! Don’t be like the other so called men who are taking over the girls role by talking and cursing etc. They all should talk educational stuffs to uplift the youths!!!

  9. Where are all the real Men where are they??????????????

  10. Both Marlon and Vegas need mental evaluation they are upcess with video camera, now he wants to be an artist like yanique

  11. God know me have to laugh ????

  12. Me upset Vegas fi gweh a self defense, jeeno Jennings cum usher him out

  13. You're being unfair. A Vegas video tell the story.  Don't push no violence on Vegas, we no support that fuckry!

  14. You the one looking hype with a bag of crap…… you got enough from the women fix now you extend it and ……you guys are so full a BS

  15. A wah do suck pussy marlon samuels we tired a yu now

  16. shout up yuh duty mouth marlon. look how much hype you look off a social media what day ya. a you anuh nobody. you loose a lot of your fan what day ya to. a you nuff shit. a like you a look cause you flap.

  17. Yo Marlon nuh guh BBC sedung weh him feel like him a tlk bout vagas a look a hype and a him a look it from dah man and woman ting deh done wid u knw who we nuh ear ntn bout him again and now him a look a hype off a vagas kmft bbpc