Mary Anne Marsh: The candidacy of Bernie Sanders is more and more – Why will not he be a candidate for the dem.


In 2016, Bernie Sanders was a force in Democratic politics, defying Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in a bitter and hard-fought fight. Sanders is once again a candidate for the Democratic nomination and finds himself bogged down in second place and sinking. Today, he sees Joe Biden in front of him in first position and looks over his shoulder at Elizabeth Warren, who wins him every day.

The same player who beat Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire's 22-point primary in 2016 is currently voting at 18%, while Biden is in first place with double support at 36%, in the latest Monmouth poll early. of May.

So what has changed? All and nothing.

Sanders not concerned by the presidential race with past failure

The fact is that Bernie Sanders is the same candidate as in 2016. That's the problem. He has all the same problems today as during the last race – problems that had never been exposed at the time or that had been neglected.

Sanders' problems with women, color voters and Clinton supporters are still there. It turns out that they are now completely exposed, which in the current political environment is even worse.

A number of positions advocated by Sanders in the last race are shared by many candidates for this race. That means he does not stand out – he's just a candidate. Add to this the fact that after 30 years in Congress, Sanders has only adopted 1.8% of the legislation it has introduced – that's right, 1.8% – and that the crusade campaign that he conducted last time seems to indicate an inability to accomplish anything today.

The latest Fox News poll reveals Sanders' woes. Among the primary Democratic voters, Sanders has lost six points since March, which puts it far behind, with 17%, behind Biden, which is at 35%, up four points since the last election in March. The same poll shows that Warren gained five points at 9%, doubling his support over the same period.

Trump wants to run against Sanders. His tweets encouraging Sanders and lamenting the "faked" primary element of 2016 while he disparages Biden and Warren, candidates against whom he does not want to run, tells you everything.

The poll also reveals that the top priority of Democratic primary voters is to defeat Donald Trump. Overall, 73 percent of Democratic primary voters say it is "extremely" important to beat Trump. Of the women, 77% believe that beating Donald Trump is extremely important to defeating him. For women Democrats, this percentage rises to 80%, and for electricians of color, it is 75%.

And that's the problem for Sanders.

More specifically, women, color voters and Clinton supporters are her problem. Only 15% of women support Sanders in the survey. Only 14% of the minority voters support it. And only 16% of Clinton voters. Another bad news: among the most interested voters and most invested in the election of 2020, there are … supporters of Clinton, 64%.

Sanders' problems from 2016 have followed until the 2020 campaign and it is too late to fix it. It's too late for him to convince Clinton's women, minorities and voters. Then add the fact that there are so many other choices in the Democratic primary that make get support from these voters and they will not have to settle for less in 2020. The winnings of the other candidates are at the expense of Sanders.

The same voters who do not support Sanders now are the most powerful force of the Democratic Party in 2018 – women, minorities and Clinton supporters – and they will be back in 2020. They remember the affirmation of Sanders that this 2016 primary was rigged – sounding more like Trump than Trump. And despite the fact that Clinton beat Sanders in any combination of delegates you could create, including no super-delegate, that did not stop him from playing the role of victim.

These constituents also remember that Sanders fought Clinton until the convention, during and after the convention. They remember that it took a meeting with Barack Obama at the White House to force Sanders to abandon the race long after the end of the race. They remember that Sanders did not support Clinton in the general election against Trump. They remember that Sanders paid women less than their male counterparts during her campaign and that they did not respond to their abuse charges until they became public. Even then, he had done badly.

They remember that Sanders is not a democrat. They remember that Sanders stated that he did not think that voters should consider the sex, race, sexual orientation or abortion support of the candidate before deciding his support. Even if, in every respect, each of these measures is attacked by Trump, this puts at risk all women, people of color, LGBTQ people and all those who choose to abort.

Sanders' Great War Chest, Opening for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., Green New Deal Town Hall, Reorganized Campaign with New Staff and Consultants – None of Them Will Solve Their problems. It's too late.

Oh, and one more thing. Asset wants run against Sanders. His tweets encouraging Sanders and lamenting the "faked" primary element of 2016 while he disparages Biden and Warren, candidates against whom he does not want to run, tells you everything. This fact alone for the Democrats should be over.


The elections are always about the future, not about the past – and the past has caught up with Bernie Sanders.

That's why Sanders will not be the Democratic candidate in 2020.


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