Matt Hardy wants a long series of matches with The Usos

The Hardy Boyz won the SmackDown team titles from Usos on SmackDown Live last week leading to obvious speculation that maybe Jimmy & Jey are headed for Monday evening in the Superstar Shake-up. Matt Hardy does not want that to happen, as he talks about in the video above:

"It's an incredible and incredible team, better than I thought. And Usos, I have to tell you this: you get all the respect of Matt and Jeff, all the respect, take everything, you get everything. But promise me this: I hope that the Raw and SmackDown projects on Monday and Tuesday will not be the subject of any project. I hope the Hardy will not go to Raw, I hope the Usos will not go to Raw, because I hope we, the Usos, can do it again and again, again and again, again and again. We want another match. and then a match of 2 falls out of 3; and then an Iron Man game; and then a match in a cage; and then a match of scale; and then a table match; and then a TLC match. Let's do it all, man, let's throw the glove. "

It looks like a breath!

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