Mazda wants a hot Mazda3 to compete on the GTI Golf

It's unclear whether the hot Mazda3 will be available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, but the latter option seems the most likely. "The Mazda 3 is a light-weight vehicle, so if the torque direction is too great and we keep it in front-wheel drive, the torque steering phenomenon occurs," said the Mazda3 program manager. , Kota Beppu. wraps.

While the high-performance Mazda3 has not yet received the green light, insiders insist that it's just a "formality". Beppu also wants to see it come into production. "I'm a guy from the automobile, so I want to drive myself a high performance Mazda 3 … I'll do my best," he said.Beppu added that there was a keen interest for a hot Mazda3 in the "most developed countries", including the United States, Japan and Australia.

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