Mcdonald viral video, a shocking brawl involving employees around a coke and a milkshake launched.


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A video is circulating on social media after a fight between a McDonald employee and a customer. The fight took place after the client allegedly attempted to fill a free cup of water with soda.

It seems that the defeat took place in a Las Vegas store, but the exact location has still not been confirmed.

The publication on Facebook said: "It came to McDonald's … the lady asked for a cup of water and the supervisor shut down the soda machine because she was not letting her soda ".

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The video seems to show two women arguing. The customer then throws a milkshake into the room with an employee, who then charges the woman. The video shows the worker catching the woman, setting it up and slapping it in a table.

It seems like another worker has tried to break both, but has also hit the customer.

"What did you say about my mom? My mom is not dead, you respect my mom," the employee said.

News4Jax contacted McDonald for a statement but did not get an answer.

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37 thoughts on “Mcdonald viral video, a shocking brawl involving employees around a coke and a milkshake launched.”

  1. There is a Prequel to this Video, showing the colorful language leading up to the Mc Battle Royal, but I can't get it as of it since some Mc Genius decided to give it directly to the media instead of making it Public on Social Media, lol, and the Media codes their links, which is beyond my limited computer skills, though I am thinking of studying up on a way to access their Commercial Ruined Private Vids.

  2. She needed beat for wearing that. Here's some good advice ladies. If your going to fight don't do it in a loin cloth and a rag with straps for a top. Expecially when fighting someone 150-200 lbs. heavier.

  3. Not saying that steeling a soda is ok. But I think it went overboard I would definitely be suing McDonald’s for everything the lawyers could get. Punching the woman for stealing of soda is unnecessary

  4. So the manager used forced.. simply because a customer used the soda fountain and helped themselves to soda… now the manager will face charges..and this girl will lawyer up….and most likely aggravated assault will be the charge….all this for a dollar Worth of soda!!! Unreal!!!

  5. Have you had your break today at McDonald's? They do it all for You!
    Yea! Idiotic trash got her break.
    Looks like her arm, back and ass got broke pretty good.
    Even the employee trying to save her ass got in a few good shots.
    Plus we got a extra BOOB shot at time frame 00:20.
    Two boobs for the price of one or should that be "for free"?

  6. Water Cup full of Coke cost the restaurant maybe 2 cents? Actually, the free cup cost more than the beverage. I hope the employee loses her job, and the free loaded gets a "whopper" of a cash settlement!

  7. Kudos to the McD's employee….love that beatdown to that Entitled Hoe. Bet you she goes around flaunting her little slutty ass everywhere and gets free drinks, doors open for her, VIP entrance, all the perks because guys think they got that 1 in a million chance but none of them ever get shit but a smile and fuck you behind closed doors. She walks around like she's on a pedestal high horse, nobody can tell her nothing because she's…..her. Bet you she got a big instagram following. If you were to dare talk back to her about….anything, she'd call you a fag and/or hater and that you don't get no ass, all because she gets a lot of "likes" and thinks she's a diva. She is a whore, don't overlook that. She'll pick and choose which guys to sleep with, probably has 3-5 different profiles on dating sites. She's swiping left on Tinder.

    Well not at this McDonalds, sweetie. You were brought down to earth, knocked off your pedestal with a well deserved, unexpected, shock and awe to you, vicious beatdown by Melissa.

  8. thats some attack of the fat bitches. you think those 2 big Samoan bitches ain't been getting their free eat on?? they are mad territorial about their food/on some "how dare some other little sexy bitch think she can do some free eating up in here. thats OUR free shit"

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