Meadows on 2012 & # 39; birther & # 39; comments: "There is no racial bones in my body & # 39;


representative Mark MeadowsMark Randall MeadowsClip of Meadows saying to send back Obama to "Kenya or elsewhere" resurfaced after a clash with Tlaib The Memo: 5 lessons to remember from the day of Cohen's explosive testimonials Strengths of the audience of Cohen PLUS (NC) Addressed charges of racism Thursday, a day after a lively exchange on the issue at a hearing of the House of Representatives' Monitoring and Reform Committee of Michael Cohen.

Meadows, who had been accused of "racist" action at the hearing, was questioned about a video resurfaced in 2012 in which he said he wanted to send former President Obama home to Kenya. .

"Everyone who knows me knows that there is no racial bone in my body," Meadows told CNN.

"It was early in primary school and it certainly did not indicate any personal mischief on my part to a president," he added.

A video shows that while he was campaigning for his congressional seat, Meadows told the crowd that he wanted to "take back our country".

"What we are going to do is take back our country. In 2012, we will send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or elsewhere, "he said in the video.

Twitter users posted the video after an animated exchange between Meadows and Rep. Rashida TlaibRashida Harbi Tlaib A clip from Meadows saying to send Obama to "Kenya or elsewhere" resurfaced after a clash with Tlaib The Memo: 5 lessons to remember from the day of explosive testimony of Cohen SUPER (D-Mich.) During the explosive presence of Congress at Cohen.

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says that Kim is not responsible for the death of Otto Warmbier: "I will take it at the word" Trump: I "believe" Kim's promise not to resume nuclear testing, Trump explodes on Cohen, but "impressed" with complicit comments Previously, he was one of the most virulent supporters of the so-called Birther movement, who falsely claimed that Obama, born in Hawaii, was not in fact an American citizen.

Tlaib denounced Wednesday Meadow's assertion that Trump is not racist because he is being supported by a black official within his administration.

"This is not because someone has a person of color, a black person who works for her does not mean that she is not racist," Tlaib said at the time. l & # 39; hearing. "And it's insensitive … the fact that someone uses an accessory, a black woman in the House, in this committee, is a racist on its own."

Meadows retaliated on Tlaib and requested that his statement be struck from the record.

"To indicate that I asked a person who is a personal friend of the Trump family, who worked for him, who worked for that particular person … that it comes to be an accessory," he said. It's racist to suggest that I asked him to come for this reason, "Meadows said.

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