Michael B. Jordan makes us all lazy


The hard work of course never scared Jordan.

Born in California, he grew up in Newark, New Jersey, with his older sister and younger brother, among his humble beginnings.

He loved books and "Dragon Ball Z", especially Goku.

His parents loved to know and were tenacious and worked many times.

A recognizable talent since his televised role on TV on "The Wire" of HBO, Jordan says he's drawing his "motor".

It is therefore logical that Jordan, thinking and focusing on himself, has become the man to whom filmmakers turn to roles that require actors, be they physical, mental or both.

In "Black Panther", he plays the antagonist Killmonger, who seeks to overthrow his cousin T & # 39; Challa to become the leader of Wakanda.

Jordan not only physically pushed himself to embody the towering silhouette, but also occupied a mental space that defies his own limits.

"[Killmonger] was a really lonely guy. I just spent a lot of time alone, isolated, I did not talk much to my family for a while, "says Jordan.

For each character, Jordan also creates a log containing a background pattern not found in the script pages. This process, he explains, helps keep it on track and provides a subtext to fuel its performance.

This is a level of discipline and work that is not often found in actors twice as old. But at age 31, Jordan does not seem to be interested in the status quo. In fact, he is actively working to change the way business is done in Hollywood.

Last year, his production company, Outlier Society Productions, adopted an endorsement for inclusion, which is a contractual clause forcing filmmakers to employ a diverse team and actors.

A few months later, Jordan helped Warner Bros. to draft and adopt its own policy, which will be applied to a legal drama that it will produce with society. (CNN, like Warner Bros., belongs to WarnerMedia.)

"It was a decisive victory for everyone," said Jordan. "It's the first step of many steps but in the right direction."

As he proved with his acting roles, Jordan is ready to work.

"Hopefully this will set a general precedent, that other studios, other producers and other production companies will follow this example and continue to make progress in the direction of change."

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