Microsoft starts shipping versions of Windows 10 19H2 Update to select insiders in Release Ring Ring version


The Windows 10 19H2 update, which is a minor update to be released later this fall, will all Windows 10 users begin shipping their products to selected insiders on the release preview ring today. 39; hui. It is interesting to note that Microsoft is currently offering a different version (18363.327) of a subset of release-release insiders, which is not identical to the most recent versions of 19H2 (18362.10014 and 18362.10015) that was delivered to Slow Ring Insiders last week.

"We tested 19H2 with insiders in the slow ring using the same basic version number as the May 2019 update, but with a higher revision number than the one usually used to indicate that it was not. a version has been processed with a cumulative update. However, to designate 19H2 as a feature update, we are reviewing the basic version number of a full version, "explained the Windows Insider team.

According to the team, up to 10% of the "Requesters" of the Release Release Ring will be able to download the 19H2 Build 18363.327 as of today. If you have been selected for what the team describes as a "restricted broadcast approach," the update should display as "Windows 10, version 1909".

The team also pointed out today that version 18363.327 will not be the final version of 19H2 that will be available to all users of Windows 10 this fall. In addition, this version does not include all new versions of 19H2 tested by Microsoft with some insiders in the slow ring in recent weeks.

"Because of the differences between the 19H2 19H2 update updates, Slow ring insiders will not be able to switch to the Release Preview ring and get updates. Insiders considering switching rings should stay for the moment, "the team said.

If we understand it well, Microsoft is currently testing new 19H2 features with selected insiders in Slow Ring, while delivering 19H2 versions without new features to another subset of Slow Ring insiders. In addition, the company is currently offering a different 19H2 version for some insiders in the version preview ring, which does not include any new features tested by the company with some insiders in the slow ring. .

Overall, this is probably the most complicated testing process the company has ever undertaken since the launch of the Windows Insider program, which is quite surprising considering the 19H2 scope. Until now, Microsoft was testing minor changes, such as the ability to activate the voice by third-party digital assistants over the lock screen.

The Windows 10 19H2 (or 1909) update should start working in October. This will be the first update of Windows 10 features that installs as a standard fix for Windows 10. Just testing the updates simultaneously at 20H1 and 19H2, and this certainly does not make the Windows Insider program easier for amateurs to understand Anyway, if you are an insider in the version preview ring, you now have a minimal chance to download your first 19H2 version by checking for updates in Windows Update.

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