Model 3 of $ 35,000 from Tesla is on sale


And Tesla's stores are goingThe $ 35,000 Tesla is here

Elon Musk promised that there would be a model 3 of $ 35,000, and here it is. It comes with a smaller battery, no electric seats and in one color, but it's real, and you can order it online right now. Soon, the online order will be the only way to get a new Tesla, as the company has announced the end of its sales in stores and the closure of most of its stores.

This will involve employee layoffs, even though, as Musk says in a letter, providing cheaper EVs in the future and reducing the prices of high-end versions of the models S and X are part of the savings. If you want to buy one, you will also want to look at newly redesigned autopilot packages with an option for full auto-steering in the future.

It does not seem right.Phone hacking device used by police sells on eBay for $ 100

Federal agencies in the United States and elsewhere, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, typically spend up to $ 15,000 on current models of Cellebrite's universal forensic forensic device. Worryingly, cybersecurity researcher Matthew Hickey has purchased several UFEDs on eBay and found details about phones being looked for by law enforcement officials (including specific device identifiers such as IMEI numbers), the time of access to devices and the types of data obtained.

No, do not open Google Assistant.You can now remap the Bixby button on the old Galaxy phones.

Once you have set your preferences, you just have to press the button two or three times to open the application of your choice. If the single tap opens your favorite application, the dual tap will open Bixby Home, and vice versa. By holding the button, Bixby Voice will always be invoked.

Who asked for this? I have an opinion on folding phones

Foldable phones have an amazing sound: a smartphone that hides a large screen in the same format as a standard phone. But the reality is hard. Without addressing early concerns or ensuring that the phone software works properly, it can be difficult to sell.

Bad passwordRussia will test a "kill switch" on the Internet and its citizens will suffer

Columnist Violet Blue explains the hottest trend of totalitarian countries.

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