Most difficult internet challenges that went viral

Most difficult internet challenges that went viral – Enjoy the video
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Condom challenge
Fire challenge
Underboob Pen Challenge
Cinnamon challenge
Kylie Jenner Challenge



  1. Underboob challenge is great imo

  2. yeah, my best friend did a condom challenge, but it wasn't like this.
    : she had to sniff it up her nose, and pull it out of her throat. gross as shit, but she did it."

  3. What the internet needs is "Read a Fuckin' Book" challenge. Quit being morons and learn something every day. Other than that, I'd like to start the "Under My Scrotum Challenge".

  4. and some of these people can vote…

  5. people are just dumb sometimes

  6. I had never heard of the underboob pen challenge but im intrigued

  7. can i just say the cinnamon challenge has been around at least the 90s i remember doing that one in school. its been popular since before the internet

  8. cup sucking looks very stupid

  9. People who like the underboob pen challenge are weirdos

  10. 2:18 the most retarded type of girls. And guys also

  11. egg challenge – take a dozen eggs and hard boil 11- place all 12 in a bowl – grab camera

  12. fire challenge are you f*cking kidding me

  13. The underboob pen one got me a boner

  14. the pen challenge is just the pencil test..when i was in jr HS in the 80's this was how you could embarass the girls who werent developed yet if they didnt pass the pencil test…

  15. Jacob sartourious should do all of these

  16. honest person ever seen in my youtube life ?????

  17. who else did the cinnamon challenge

  18. the underboob pen challenge only works if you have saggy boobs