MSU players defend Izzo after a crying incident


OF THE MONKS, Iowa – Michigan State Basketball Coach Tom Izzo said he was surprised at the public's negative reaction to his screams of animation at the striker's home. first year Aaron Henry in the first-round Spartans victory in the NCAA against Bradley.

"For me, it was ridiculous of how it exploded," Izzo said Friday, a day before the Spartans' second-round match against Minnesota. "There's a little 10-second sentence and a two-year relationship (with Henry) I just do not think people understand that, this coach is based on relationships with his players, I think more than any coach in the country It is a selfish or selfish proclamation, but I think it has been won and talked about.

"You have to understand that there is a year and a half of recruiting, a year ago it's here, there are hours and hours and hours spent on" What do you want If you do not do these things, what do you think my job is? "What do you need to do to help our team win?" & # 39;

Izzo 's hard training style became a problem in Bradley' s 76-65 win on Thursday. Upset by Henry for what he believed to be the player's little effort to retreat into defense, Izzo approached Henry on the ground for a timeout and yelled at him. to watch him so intensely. Cassius Winston had to intervene to separate the two. Later, during the same timeout, Izzo seemed to jump on Henry, Winston intervening again.

The former Spartan star, Draymond Green, went on Twitter Friday to explain why his former coach needed to be retained.

The heated exchanges during the matches between Izzo and his players are not uncommon.

"It's the territory in which we play in Michigan state basketball," said Henry's teammate Xavier Tillman. "If you make a mistake, you get angry, it's not new, everyone knows it, and all the freshmen know that if you make a mistake, you're going to be trained." why you're here, you'll learn from your mistakes, our best thing to [Henry] was you answering on the ground. Aaron had a bucket of keys and he made these two free throws.

"(Izzo is) a very emotional man.For us, our job is to get the team together .Okay, that's what he says, and now you have to go out and do it." Learned very early in My career here is not about the way he says things, but what he says.Although it is difficult when he is emotional, you have to choose the things you want to learn . "

Tom Izzo's handling of first-year goalkeeper Aaron Henry after Bradley's first-round triumph over Bradley on Thursday sparked public criticism. Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Michigan State Guard Cassius Winston said receiving an Izzo was a "badge of honor".

"It can be hard sometimes," Winston said. "It's difficult, but once you understand the message and what it wants for you and for you, it gets a lot easier when it screams after you." challenge to be the best player possible.After you understand this, his screams do not bother you.

"People who look outside probably do not know everything that's going on behind us and everything that goes on in this team, in this locker room we know, and we know how much he cares about us and how much he loves us. this is due to his solicitude and willingness to want the best for us, and we laughed that it would take such a negative turn. [nationally]. "

Michigan striker Isaiah Livers of Kalamazoo, Michigan, was also recruited by Izzo. He said that Izzo's tough love was not the reason he had chosen to play for the Michigan State rival.

"It was a good point for Michigan State," said Livers as the Wolverines got ready for Saturday's game against Florida, also at Des Moines. "My parents and I thought I did not have to go somewhere to be babied – it was a difficult decision I had to make.

"I respect his style so much.The coach (John Beilein) will not do it in front of the cameras, but he will certainly do it in camera.It's a tough love.It's basketball- If you do not get bawled, it means that the coach has a bit of a feeling of having abandoned you. "


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