Nadler warns Trump against forgiveness because Manafort is "close to the obstruction of justice"

"I suppose they're asking for a pardon in front of Manafort," Erin Burnett, a New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, told CNN's "Erin Burnett Out Front," but the president should understand that even a pardon is going on. finds in front of him a witness like Manafort is dangerously close to the obstruction of justice and would only reinforce a complaint or accusation of obstruction of justice against the president. "

The team's special advocate Robert Mueller, informed a federal judge Monday that Manafort had "violated" his plea agreement with the Justice Department by lying to the FBI and to Mueller's office two months after having started to cooperate in the investigation in Russia. It was thought that Manafort was the featured cooperator of the special board's investigation into the risks of collusion between Russian agents and Trump's associates during the 2016 presidential campaign and the transition.
Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiring and falsifying witnesses on September 14, almost a year after his first indictment and following a jury conviction in a separate but related case involving eight tax and banking offenses.

"Manafort is a proven criminal, a convict, a liar and a liar, and someone who is lying again now, according to the special advocate," said Nadler, adding that Manafort "could very well involve the President in collusion with the Russians rigging the election ".

"Any attempt to convince him to change his testimony or not to testify by suspending a pardon would be very, would be a hindrance to justice," Nadler said.

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