NASA admin: the United States returns to the moon "sooner than you think"


A valley on the moon.

Davy van der Hoeven

The United States returns to the moon.

NASA will unveil new "Moon partnerships" with US companies on Thursday at 14:00. AND, said the space agency in a blog post. The creation of a partnership with a private company is the next step in the study and long-term exploration of the Moon and Mars in the United States, the agency said. Space.

NASA's director, Jim Bridenstine, will make the announcement, which will be broadcast live on the agency's website.

The blog post is extremely lean in detail, but Bridenstine has announced some tips in a tweet earlier this week, saying the United States is heading for the moon "sooner than you think."

The news comes just days after NASA InSight Probe on the surface of Mars. The solar powered lander, the eighth NASA spacecraft to land on the planet, has already sent return images of the Martian surface.

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