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NASA astronaut takes a beautiful picture of a dawn from the International Space Station – BGR

Being selected to be part of a crew aboard the International Space Station is an incredible honor. If you go to the lab in orbit, you will still have a few months to live. Living in space is one thing that only a tiny fraction of humanity experience. Apparently, it also offers you very interesting photo opportunities.

ISS resident and NASA astronaut Christina Koch has been aboard the space station since mid-March and has already participated in her first spacewalk. Everyone aboard the space station is busy with scientific research and spacecraft maintenance, but Koch has recently found some time to capture an absolutely stunning image of a dawn from above.

The picture, which Koch posted on his Twitter account, is lovely. Check it out:

Aurora borealis, often called "northern lights" or "northern lights", depend on the pole near which you live. They are a natural phenomenon that has illuminated the Earth's sky for a long time before the human being is there to enjoy it.

They are caused by charged particles projected into space by the Sun. When large amounts of these particles reach the Earth in the form of solar wind, the magnetic field of our planet reacts and the disturbance causes the excitation of certain parts of the atmosphere and the emission of light .

Being able to see this action unfold from the top is one of the benefits of being sent to the International Space Station. The ISS revolves around the Earth at an incredibly fast pace of about five miles per second, which means that ISS astronauts are making a complete journey around our planet every hour and a half about. Thus, although the dawn may be breathtaking on Koch's photo, ISS passengers have only a fleeting glimpse of these sights before the space station moves quickly.

Image Source: Christina Koch / Twitter

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