NASA does not know what's wrong with InSight Mars Lander

"Met something"

NASA collaborators recently admitted that they were unsure of the inconvenience of the InSight landing gear that was supposed to dig into the surface of Mars and measure the heat flux from the inside of the planet.

"At about 30 centimeters deep, we encountered something," said at a recent conference the researcher of the German space agency Tilman Spohn. News from the space. "We do not know yet if it's a harder layer of regolith or rock."

Rain of death

InSight began digging at the end of February and the team admitted to having problems early March. Now researchers would collect data and decide whether to continue drilling or consider withdrawing to try again.

"We can probably start trying to re-enter in a few weeks," said Spohn, according to News from the space. "Before that, we want to make sure we do the right things."

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