NASA’s Perseverance rover life-size snow sculpture brings Mars to Earth

NASA / JPL Solar System Ambassador Mark A. Brown created quite a bit of conversation with this Perseverance Mars life-size snow sculpture.

Mark A. Brown

When it snows, you might take in the wintry scenery and think about making a snowman with a carrot nose. Mark A. Brown, Solar System Ambassador for NASA / JPL, observed the remains of a snowstorm in Iowa and decided to create a life-size frozen Mars Perseverance rover.

Brown spent three days building the rover, whose sporty wheels are decorated in metallic silver spray paint and a mastcam (the “head” fitted with the rover’s camera) made from PVC pipe and a box. cardboard.

The snow rover bears a remarkable resemblance to the real deal, who is on his way to Mars with a landing scheduled for February 18. “The plan was to try and create an image this close to size … and I had enough snow to do it,” Brown told CNET.

Snowmobile builder Mark A. Brown made sure to include the Mars Ingenuity helicopter as part of the installation.

Mark A. Brown

Perseverance does not travel alone. He carries a helicopter named Ingenuity in her womb. The experimental helicopter will attempt a powered flight over the red planet. Brown made sure to pay tribute to ingenuity with a bonus model of the helicopter sitting next to the rover.

The frosted rover was a creative way for Brown to engage in public awareness with just one month before the big arrival of Perseverance.

“I wanted to do something unique and educational for my neighborhood,” Brown said. “A lot of people take a walk on a daily basis and in doing so they got to watch this sculpture unfold and inquire.”

The snow rover could be almost as rugged as its space counterpart. Brown shared a video some nasty winds lashing the sculpture Tuesday.

Like the real rover, this one perseveres.

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