NCAA by 2 Chainz Review

On the verge of missing the playoffs of the NBA for the first time since 2005, LeBron James focused on the latest album of A & Ring 2 Chainz, Rap or go to the league. For months, James took advantage of his story on Instagram to give his approval to hip-hop albums. He could be seen banging his head, necklace tight, holding the occasional glass of wine as he listened to personal favorites like Drake and Kendrick. Eventually James realized his own power of influence, which gave the impression that these reports on IG did not look like co-signers of LeBron James but rather slippery ads. (I heard from Eminem Suicide bomber "Bron, no way to deserve a" So dope !!!! ") Although its influence across most Rap or go to the league is difficult to discern, "NCAA" is one of the songs where James seems to have directly inspired 2 Chainz.

LeBron James and 2 Chainz connect on "NCAA" thanks to their mutual understanding of the stencil that is university sport. The ATL rapper was made aware of the injustices suffered by college athletes – they bring in millions to schools and do not receive any money from that – while he was playing basketball at Alabama State University . James, who is a former No. 1 rookie, had the luxury of bypassing the traditional way of college at the NBA by going straight to the league after high school. On the song, 2 Chainz uses real examples of star athletes who excelled in their schools, but that was not enough: "I have more crab legs than Jameis / Faux as if you had a girlfriend , Manti Te "o" an endless cycle of young athletes taking advantage of what James and 2 Chainz learned from the moment they both took control of their respective careers.

And while the track criticizes the treatment of players by the NCAA, the hook remains destined for the March Madness soundtrack: "NCAA, yes, we, the young and the dangerous." Honorable CNOTE's production has been designed to warm up the big game with a haunting melody reminiscent of the days of producer Lex Luger and his punchy celebration drums. The fact that James put his name on "NCAA" raises the profile of the song, but it is 2 Chainz that continues to be an age-old force in hip-hop.

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