Netflix shares hit 2019 high after Roma won 4 Oscars


Netflix kicks Hollywood's ass, winning four Oscars at Sunday's Academy Awards.

Roma wins three Oscars

Its original features have won Oscars in key categories, including three from the prestigious "Roma" photo. The Oscars state coup proves that the $ 12 billion spent by Netflix for original content in 2018 is reporting, at least to Hollywood eyes.

The gains come in the wake of a rise in Netflix rates. The streaming service has several competitors, including Hulu, who are trying to gain more market share in this burgeoning space.

"Roma", which deals with the plight of the domestic worker during the political turmoil of the 1970s in Mexico, won an Oscar trio for Netflix. The film won the highest prize in the categories director, cinematography and film in a foreign language, but did not win the best image.

The short film "Period. End of sentence. If you do not see this Oscar-winning film and you're wondering about the title, it's interesting to say the least. These are Indian women who are struggling against the stigma surrounding menstruation and are starting to make sanitary napkins. The film won the Best Short Documentary Award.

Netflix stock reaches a new high in 2019

netflix stock price

Netflix shares hit a new high in 2019 at the opening bell but reduced their gains later in the day.

Shares of Netflix soared after Monday's opening bell, reaching a new annual high of $ 371.49. NFLX shares, however, reduced those gains later in the day. The stock was up 0.76% for the day at the time of writing this article.

Netflix flexes his muscles

Netflix has been pretty sure of itself lately. In January, the company announced that it was significantly increasing monthly subscription rates from 13% to 18% for US subscribers.

The most popular Netflix package, HD Standard, went from $ 11 to $ 13. Basic subscriptions rise from $ 8 to $ 9, while Premium 4K plans cost $ 16 instead of $ 14.

The streaming service provider has ignored fears that the upswing is sending its customers to its competitors, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney. A survey of US subscribers of the company showed that a quarter of them were opposed to rising rates.

Participants in the online Streaming Observer survey indicated that this price increase allowed them to consider terminating their subscriptions. Some respondents also indicated that they would consider downgrading.

Oscar wins rivals bailout

After the price increase announced by Netflix, Hulu responded. On Tuesday, he will start offering his basic subscription permanently. It costs $ 5.99 a month. Prior to Netflix's move, Hulu proposed the plan on a promotional basis.

Netflix still dominates streaming with 58 million US customers only. Hulu had 25 million subscribers by the end of 2018, reported CCN.

Few observers worry that Amazon Prime Video will overrun the Netflix deserters. That's because his monthly subscription to the Prime Video subscription is $ 8.99. As the NCC pointed out, with the new monthly rate of the basic streaming plan set at $ 9, their price is substantially the same.

Focus on profitability

Netflix is ​​moving from pure growth to a clearer focus on profitability. As such, Hulu's future is darker because of Disney's influence. He is about to become a majority shareholder in Hulu after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

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