Never viral live FB trying to commit suicide by carrying his child, his mother and boy found dead on the river Brebes


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The bodies of mothers and children were found floating in the river Pemali, Pesantunan, Wanasari, Brebes. launches, Wednesday 08/12/2018, initially a boy of about 3 years old named Abdul Falah Eka Cahya was found dead on Monday (09/10/2018) at 5.30 pm WIB.

Then, on Tuesday (11/09/2018), the body of Abdul Falah's mother, Diah Pamularsih (21 years old), was found floating not far from the place.

Wanasari police chief AKP Wagito said the victim was suspected of driving his son to suicide by throwing himself into the river.

In addition, the police found no signs of violence in the victim's body.

Meanwhile, Bibi Abdul Falah, Nokiah (55), said the two men left Monday morning (09/10/2018) around 10 am.

"They say goodbye to leave, he said it was not over to watch," he said.

He revealed that the victim had problems in his house, so he decided to leave.

The victim's grandfather, 63-year-old Ismanto, said the same thing.

"When I say goodbye, I want to go for a walk, yes, my child often quarrels with his wife, and after an accident, he is often raging at home," said

In addition, her husband did not hesitate to break the window of the house if he was furious.

Meanwhile, TV One reported that Diah had attempted suicide several times and even broadcast it live on Facebook.

Previously reported, a video of a woman holding her child focused on viral suicide on social networks.

According to Yuni Rusmini's message posted on Wednesday (29/08/2018), the woman was online on Mamah's Facebook account Rama nya.

Seen in the video, the woman is at the edge of the river carrying her child.

The woman cried and could show her face to the camera.

Suddenly, what the woman did attracted the attention of the locals.

When asked by the residents what he was doing, the woman replied that she only wanted to be alone.

Until the end of the video, the woman was heard crying until several people came to see her.

Some residents surrounded him and calmed him down.

They told the woman to think about her child.

"If it's the best, what can I do? Maybe that's the only way I'm Allah," wrote the woman while she was living on Facebook on Wednesday (29 / 08/2018).

Check out the video above. ( Widiastuti)

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