Viral! Jokowi's vendor, Ombus-Ombus Singing on the Market, wrote the words of the BPJS to Earthquake of Lombok.


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – An ombus-ombus (traditional cakes) vendor at a market in Sibolga, North Sumatra, was suddenly famous for his video when songs about Jokowi were widely circulated on social media .

The seller who called "Namboru Dohar" loudly sang a popular Batak song, but the lyrics were changed.

By putting the plastic cake and giving it to his clients, Namboru Dohar sang Jokowi's performance during his tenure as president.

Throughout the three-minute song, he talked about the BPJS program, Smart Cards, and Jokowi's visit to Lake Toba.

He also mentioned Jokowi's visit to Lombok.

Elena Kristina, who downloaded the video of the song of the ombus vendor, became viral and arrived in Jokowi.

"Help viralkan go to Pak Jokowi, this namboru sells ombus2 in the Sibolga market," he said.

About the meaning of the words:

People say that Mr. Jokowi is our president.

In addition, the Papuish part of Jokowi must have chosen Jokowi.

From Sabang to Merauke, Mr. Jokowi is our president. Why Pak Jokowi? Because it works well There are people who receive a BPJS / health card, especially because schoolchildren can get a smart card. There are also people who can renovate the house. There are also people who have a family of hope.

The problem of corruption has been eliminated by Pak Jokowi. In addition, the drug destroyed by Mr. Jokowi, why was it destroyed? Because it's not good for society.

Thank you, Mr. Jokowi


Thank you to God for Mr. Jokowi, all the attention of the poor.

We already know, it works very well. It is clear that we know that Mr. Jokowi is our president because of his good work. Mr. Jokowi our president because of his good work.

Whatever happens, he went to see / visit the earthquake in Lombok.

The problem of the bomb of the church, guaranteed by Mr. Jokowi. Come on, Mr. Jokowi (order) secures the device.

Go to Papua to see people. Come to Samosir to see a ride. To come to Barus, to lay the first stone was the beginning of the Moslem religion (perhaps the meaning, the beginning of the Moslem religion at Barus).

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The problem at sea is prohibited by Minister Susi. Why is it forbidden? Because you can not take the ferry (big ship). We usually go to the sea for regular boats. Pay attention to your Mr. who works at the sea.

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This video has received many positive responses from users. Viewers also hope Namboru Dohar will be able to meet Jokowi.

Janner Marpaung: cape kimpul sold well. Selling money collected Smart, indeed, our namboru is commercial

M Zakkino: Thank you mom … her song is melodious and the poem is beautiful to hear from life in Indonesia

Lily Flower: Looking for rice while you eat, you want to sell … Good sell ……..

At Tribun Medan, Elena Kristina said that the woman who sold the cake was her brother Rene Situmorang and that, in fact, she often created songs.

"If you're talking about a professional singer, not really, but in fact, he likes to create songs for entertainment," he said Monday (10/9/2018).

According to him, Boru Situmorang is known for his pleasant and amusing personality.

Even in this market he has a lot of customers.

"He really likes to make songs from his everyday experience.The song is not the way to attract buyers.Because the cakes sold are delicious.If without him, sales are always in high demand" (Ton /