New viral video of French women on the street in Paris struck in the face for missing the man. Not good


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Marie Laguerre was attacked by a man who called her after she had defended herself. Marie Laguerre, a 22-year-old student in Paris, was returning home from her classroom when an unidentified man began to whistle and make provocative comments, according to her Facebook post. Laguerre shouted back, "Shut up!"

In order to focus on sexual harassment on the boulevard, a tender French woman has posted a video of herself hit in the face by a person in the streets of Paris. The video has long been viral in France and prosecutors in Paris have launched an investigation.
Last Wednesday, 22-year-old Marie Laguerre posted a video on her Facebook webpage that appeared to her on the face of a person on a Parisian boulevard. Laguerre shared his revelation on Facebook.
He was not the first and I will not be content to be humiliated like that, so I answered "closely," she continued. "He then threw me an ashtray, before leaving at full speed to hit me, in the heart of the boulevard, at the entrance of dozens of other people."

"It's unacceptable behavior," she said in the post. "It happens every day, everywhere and I do not know a single woman who does not have a similar story, I'm tired of feeling in danger in the street." Laguerre concluded by announcing that "Things must change and they must change now".
Marie Laguerre is noticed in this undated photo.
Laguerre further stated that she had filed a grievance. On Monday, a spokesman for the Paris prosecutor's office informed ABC News that an investigation for "violence" and "sexual harassment" had been opened. The person who punched the woman was no longer arrested, but the spokesman said.

The video, of the digital surveillance camera of a restaurant, has already been given to Laguerre by the owner, she said.

French Gender Equality Minister Marlene Schiappa reacted to the incident during an interview with the French daily Le Parisien, announcing that she was "scandalized".

Schiappa said that new legislation is ready to be followed by the French parliament this week, which will impose minimum fines of 90 euros (US $ 105) for offenders.

"The first fines should be distributed this fall," said Schiappa.



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  2. He didnt slap her, she moved her head real fast thats all. Who cares, ive been slapped way worse no sympathy for this cunt. Get back on with life and stop blaming men because you are weak.

  3. I lived in France for over 10 months last year. I have never experienced so much unwanted attention until then. Catcalling and pickups at a grocery store, at the bank, going to work waiting for the train at 6 am- it was by done by native and non native men [to France]. I completely understand why she would tire over this behaviour and want to stick up for herself. Enough is enough! For all those of you say, she shouldn’t have ‘yelled’ at him, what gave him the right to objectify her and then get upset because she said “ta gueule” which means shut up, and then things escalated when HE went after her again. I feel bad for those of you making war on feminism. Yea, there are radicals on both sides (cough incels cough) but am I supposed to say all men are evil, all men are bad? What this woman wants is to go down the street without being harassed. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Being back in Canada, I can see a major difference. Again, it proves that it isn’t the clothing you wear, but the mentality of those around you. I urge you, both men and women, have respect for each other.

  4. Unfortunately not one person stood up and knocked the starch out of that yellow coward son of a Bitch. Three guys get up and have a darn polite conversation with the punk?? Had I been there the punk that hit her would've lost that hand.
    How in The world You watch a guy sock a woman in the mouth and don't take steps to neutralize him HARD?
    Unfortunately too much comfortable living and complacency makes this type of thing possible.

  5. No i am not behind her. She could have verbally abused the man, also she went down like a bitch, didnt even get her hands up what sort of fighting style is that, she didnt even block the blow, the woman is a heroin addicted hooker, too slow to effectively fight back.

  6. I counted like 12 guys standing there when it happened so to me there just as guilty as the one who did it ! I wish a mutha fucka would pull that shit in front of me after I'm done with him 12 more ass woopings would follow up , smfh they should be ashamed , and question there man hood and the women with them remember this is what they do if it happens to you go get yourself a real man

  7. I don't know the entire story, what the argument was about, what was said, what did she physically do in the past to him. All I can say is this, if you cannot defend your honor and your person you should not stir up trouble. In this day of feminist veiw it's hard to defend women as you might be seen as a sexist. I feel bad for her but women are no longer helpless as we are told by the extreme left. In such, unless she was seriously hurt I myself would have continued enjoying my day.

  8. How do you know she turned a man down? Did you get audio of their convo? Maybe the girl said something nasty about his mother and he smacked her. Women say and do some really disgusting things.

  9. Dude took her to school. She got served and told. None of the other men stepped up, maybe because they didnt want to be next, there is such a thing as a hard ass mother fucker, doesnt matter if you have a little red dress and huge hair, give him lip and he will bust yours. She gave a hard ass m/f lip and got paid. That guy would knock a guy out too. He doesnt care if you got tits, if you disrespect him, he will knock you down 'Old School'. Bitch Slap your ho ass to the ground, so to speak.

  10. look at all the misogynists and incels hiding like the fucking cowards they are in the comments, don’t forget a woman literally gave you life you ungrateful children. your poor mother, the lot of you can rot in hell. ? y’all ugly as hell

  11. If she's tired of sexual harrassment, then she should dress more modestly. Don't dress immodestly and then expect to not get sexual comments. Women dress provacatively to get attention and then pretend to get mad when men notice and make comments.

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