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NFL adds 2 former players to the official group

NEW YORK – Two former NFL players are among the six new officials of the upcoming season.

Field Judge, Nate Jones, joined the NFL staff of the Pac-12 after an eight-year career as a defender. Referee Terry Killens has been linebacker in his seven seasons with the NFL before officiating at the American Athletics Conference.

Other first year officials are Dave Hawkshaw and Jimmy Russell, substitute judges Patrick Holt and Tripp Sutter.

Referees Walt Coleman, John Parry and Pete Morelli retired after last season. Line Judge Jeff Bergman, who enters his 28th season in the NFL, is now the oldest official.

The list also includes two other former NFL players. Back Judge Steve Freeman was defensive for 13 seasons and Judge Phil McKinnely was an offensive lineman for seven years.

Freeman and his son, Chief Justice Brad Freeman, are the only group of father-and-son leaders active in the NFL. Referees Shawn Hochuli and Alex Kemp and line judge Walt Coleman IV are also the sons of former NFL referees. In addition, three sets of brothers – Allen and Rusty Baynes, Jeff and Jerry Bergman and Carl, Dino and Perry Paganelli – are on the 2019 player list.

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