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A US passenger plane makes an emergency landing after an engine problem

Delta Airlines aircraft at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, September 15, 2010

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Delta Air Lines is based in Atlanta, Georgia

Passengers on board a Delta Air Lines flight to the United States recalled the scary moments when an engine failure forced their aircraft to perform an emergency landing.

The video filmed by a passenger shows what appears to be a loose nose cone in one of the engines.

Witnesses said that there was a loud bang and that the cabin was filled with smoke.

Delta flight 1425, traveling from Atlanta to Baltimore with 154 passengers, landed safely in North Carolina.

No injuries have been reported. In a statement, Delta said that there had been a failure contained in one of the engines, reported ABC News.

"The crew of the Delta 1425 flight from Atlanta to Baltimore decided to leave Raleigh, North Carolina, as a precaution after being informed of a possible problem with one of the aircraft's engines," he said. said a spokesman to the US media.

Passenger Logan Webb posted a video on social media, showing a metal piece moving inside the engine with an orange glow behind.

Another passenger, Avery Porch, heard "an explosion" about an hour after the flight started and smoke began to invade the cabin, she told WMAR-TV.

"It's at this point that we really started to panic. [the plane] started to slow down a bit [and] the air has cut, "she said.

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Her boyfriend, Tyler Kreuger, said that fearing the worst, he had sent a text message "I love you" to his parents.

The captain announced that the plane had lost an engine and that preparations were underway for an emergency landing, passenger Jose Bahamonde-Gonzalez told WMAR-TV.

A video shot inside the cabin recorded flight attendants telling passengers to prepare for the landing at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

The plane in question was a 32-year-old McDonnell Douglas MD-88, according to ABC reports.

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