Nintendo would have prepared two new Switch models

One is a high-end model, the other is budget-driven

After previous reports on a smaller and less expensive Nintendo Switch, two new Switch models are about to be launched "as early as this summer," according to the Wall Street Journal.

We hope to learn more about the hardware in a few months to E3 2019, but the basic idea is that a new version of the switch will tout the "improved features" compared to the current model. other The new switch will reduce costs by removing features such as HD Rumble in controllers.

Nintendo would target "hard-core gamers" with the high-end model and consider the cheaper Switch model as a "successor" to the 3DS, according to the publication. "People who have used the devices say that they are not just new, similar versions, offering superior or inferior performance."

I'm dying to know what these things look like and, given Nintendo's past, how will they be named. As a happy owner of Switch since launch, I will probably be looking for an upgrade based on price.

Nintendo will launch two new switch models [Wall Street Journal]

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