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No Drug Like Me by Carly Rae Jepsen

In an increasingly unstable and complicated world, pop fans are turning to Carly Rae Jepsen for safety and stability. The value proposition of the hero of the Canadian sect has not changed much since the sunny time when "Call Me Maybe" has dominated the charts: she is organizing joyous celebrations of a new love and dedication. A new self-love, songs that it is not necessary to decode. via Instagram or cross-references with tabloids. His musical business cards – voluminous synth melodies, hooks assembled from chopped vocalisations, a voice sung like a sword – have not changed much either, but for many listeners, this is part of its charm: comfort that stems from looking for your way and staying in it.

Jepsen is preparing to release his first album since 2015, his beloved EMOTION, and his two new singles hold the course. There is not much to say about "Now I've found," a real sugar rush that promotes the fantasies of "Queer Eye," but "No Drug Like Me" is a little more intriguing. Like the precious deep cuts like "LA Hallucinations" and "Warm Blood", they are darker and more viscous than Jepsen, whose verses plunge into the bottom of his beach and his images – blurred eyes, darkened eyes, parched heads – could be familiar with your latest hangover. She ends the chorus with a reply that is both a temptation and a challenge: "You have not tried drugs like me." in someone new.

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