Nordstrom's first women's store in New York to open in October


The exterior of the Nordstrom Men's Store in New York, opened in April 2018.

Source: Nordstrom

Nordstrom plans to open its first big women's store in New York this fall. And it will be huge.

The official inauguration will be held Oct. 24 for the space of more than 300,000 square feet, a spokeswoman told CNBC.

Nordstrom opened its first full-price men's store in Manhattan, in the west of 57th Street, in April 2018. The women's space is now under construction, right next door. Until last April, Nordstrom only became known in New York with a handful of its off-price stores, called Nordstrom Rack. But the Seattle-based chain plans to invest and grow in the city for years.

He recently announced the opening of two local Nordstrom stores, which do not have inventory but instead offer services such as sewing and nail painting, this fall, in the West Village area and in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The new Nordstrom Women's Store will be the largest investment of a project in the history of the company. In addition to selling high-end clothing and footwear, it is expected to become a popular destination for restaurants, with a large number of restaurants and cafes.

Neiman Marcus, a Dallas-based department store chain, recently opened its first store at Hudson Yards in Manhattan, in anticipation of Nordstrom's eagerly awaited opening. Meanwhile, Saks Fifth Avenue has recently closed its women's store in downtown Brookfield Place, preferring to invest in the redevelopment of its flagship site in Midtown. Earlier this year, Saks added a restaurant there.

Nordstrom hopes to prove that there is still enough room in town for another department store selling Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Bloomberg has announced for the first time the opening date of the Nordstrom Women's Store.

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