Nunes: "I want everything Mueller has made public"


Devin Nunes

Although Representative Devin Nunes said Friday that he wanted all Mueller's evidence to be disclosed, he appeared to have acknowledged that the Justice Department would probably not do so. | Alex Brandon / AP Photo

Special advocate Robert Mueller, Devin Nunes, senior member of the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives, asked Friday that his final report on Russian interference in the elections be made public, demanding that any publication includes all the evidence that Mueller used to write the report.

The Californian Republican, at a conference at Conservative political action alongside Tom Fitton, president of the right-wing activist group Judicial Watch, preceded his proposal by declaring that he only did not believe that "Mueller would have a report to publish that would be useful." , with something new. "

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But the Californian Republican said, "If he publishes a report, you'll see people claiming," Oh, we must have this audience, we have to make it public. " It's very good. But I want everything Mueller has made public. I want an email, I want everyone to be tapped, every warrant obtained, everything Mueller has used must be made public so that all of America can see it. "

He contextualized his argument by saying that he did not necessarily disagree with Fitton, who had just said at the hearing that "this Department of Justice has no reason to write reports on the President's conduct in as president ".

Fitton asserted without proof that Mueller's investigators were "anti-Trumpers", claiming that they did not need to write "another suspicious record".

The publication of Mueller's final report on his nearly two-year investigation has been the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks.

Some media reported that Attorney General William Barr would announce the conclusion of the special advocate's investigation as early as this week and that he could send a summary report to Congress shortly thereafter.

The conclusion of the investigation is likely to trigger a clash in Congress, where many Democrats demand that the full report be made public, as well as the Department of Justice, where Barr has pledged not to do so . Democrats have warned that they could assign Mueller or the report itself.

Although Nunes said Friday that he wanted to request the disclosure of all Mueller's evidence, Mueller seemed to agree that the Justice Department probably would not do so voluntarily, given his reluctance to respond to previous requests. de Nunes to declassify some survey documents.

"I think the White House will eventually have to be involved in the declassification of all documents," he said.

Nunes oversaw the investigation by the House Intelligence Committee on Russia as president at the last congress, an inquiry that collapsed under partisan party bickering.

He has frequently assumed the role of Trump in the committee, claiming that the federal inquiry into Russia was tainted by anti-Trump bias in the Justice Department and calling for the declassification of documents related to the surveillance. help from the Trump campaign.

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