Only in Florida: Video of a huge gator in Lakeland becomes viral


A video taken by Kim Joiner of a HUGE AGENT goes viral on Facebook right now.

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45 thoughts on “Only in Florida: Video of a huge gator in Lakeland becomes viral”

  1. They call him "Hump Back"," because his back is higher than other gators" according to a witness. Gators will always raise their back while walking on land no matter their size. This gator is so big that it's obviously raising his or her back. Alligators of this size are around 60 to 70 years old. They are believed to grow to 14 feet long but actually, they grow 14 feet long and fill out, then grow longer slowly and fill out more. The worlds longest gator was 19 feet and seven inches on record. That's nearly the size of a "Nile Crocodile". Also, the closest relative to the "T-rex", is the "American alligator". These animals have a bite force of 1,000 to 15,000 PSI without being aggravated.

  2. I dont get it. Y'all down there with your bugs, and your humidity, and your gators, and your hurricanes, and your sinkholes. How can you want to live in all that all the time? Cant b that purdy.

  3. "Prehistoric" while crocodilimorpha and similar archosaurs diverged from dinosaurs (similar animals like boraleosuchus notwithstanding) modern crocs didn't show up until 35 million years ago, and they were far more diverse, some primitive ones were bipedal and hunted early reptiles and mammals, while others had armadillo like qualities, and others looked like cats in appearance, eating plants

  4. humans created dinosaur's.. they just going to keep letting that monster grow???? Thats a million dollar ? if the swamp people saw that mafaka!????? hes been fed a whole bunch of bodies and he eats his own kind???

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