Oscars: 10 things to know about the "Green Book" of the candidate for the best photo

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for the National Review Board

During the price season, Green paper it's been plagued by controversy and scandal. In addition to claims that the film is "unauthentic", some of the Academy Award nominees have had to apologize for their past actions.

Screenwriter Nick Vallelonga apologized after redesigning one of his 2015 anti-Muslim tweets. The tweet was addressed to presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The tweet said, "100%." ​​Jersey City Muslims applaud when the towers collapse, "I saw it, like you, maybe at CBS local news."

After Vallelonga became the target of this tweet, he posted a statement and removed the tweet and his Twitter account. In his statement, he said, "I want to apologize, I have spent my life trying to tell the story this story of overcoming differences and finding a good ground." agreement, and I am extremely sorry for all those associated with Green paper. "

Meanwhile, Viggo Mortensen presents his own apology for uttering the keyword during a Q & A session for the film.

"For example, no one says n-", said the actor during a discussion about race in America.

In his statement to THR Regarding the incident, Mortensen said, "Although my intention is to speak forcefully against racism, I do not even have the right to imagine the harm caused by hearing speech in any context, especially from a white man. "

In addition, director Peter Farrelly had to apologize for his past actions, especially his colleagues like Cameron Diaz and film director Tom Rothman. The cup revealed a 20-year-old story in which Farrelly's colleagues said the director liked to show off his genitals as a joke.

In a statement to THRFarrelly confirmed the stories and said that they were true. "I was an idiot, I did it many decades ago and I thought I was funny.The truth is that I'm embarrassed, and it makes me shudder now. sorry."

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