P.J. Tucker of the Rockets does not step back from LeBron James' mission



LOS ANGELES – Lakers forward LeBron James has averaged 26.5 points on 52.5% of his shots in two games against the Rockets this season. But in the fourth quarter and extensions of these games, he scored only two goals out of a total of 10 attempts in the Rockets victories.

Rockets striker P.J. Tucker does not claim to have stopped James, nor even used him to fight James throughout these games. But Tucker said that he was against James then
often for so long that it does not back down in front of the force that stuns a lot of players.

"You do what you can as a defender to dissuade him from scoring and affecting the game," said Tucker. "LeBron is so good sometimes, no matter what you do, he will do it, and during games you do not pay attention, you keep playing and you try to win.

"Every year, I'm in the NBA and I've been assigned to LeBron, and I've been playing against him since we were kids – it's something that's been going on for a long time."

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