45 thoughts on “Parents Brawl At Softball Game In Viral Video | The View”

  1. Why is that shocking?????????? (the baseball brawl). That happens virtually at every parent-child baseball game in America. Moreover, fighting at amateur sporting events where spectators and parents fight have been happening for years. Sadly, parents and other adults have become too involved in youth sports, making them more structured, competitive, and violent, rather than carefree, recreational, and fun.  As a result of this invasiveness, tragedies have occurred, such as when a father broke an umpire's jaw at his son's Little League game because he did not agree with a call; when a "soccer mom" slapped a fourteen-year-old referee at a youth soccer game; and when a "hockey dad" was sentenced to six to ten years in prison for beating another father to death after arguing at their sons' hockey practice.'  These stories are just a few of the many examples illustrating the epidemic of parental rage at youth sporting events.  We, as a society, are a violent society. Why? Because we put "value" on aggression. We reward it. We cherish it. We even spend billions cultivating it.

  2. There's no way those parents are gonna get respect from their kids after that. The moment they say "go to your room! " the kids will be like "you first! ". Screwed up big time

  3. I had not heard of this story in the news so when I read the segment’s title, and before I pressed play, I imagined what the fighting parents looked like in every sense of the word: I was correct, in every sense of the word.

  4. Meghan I think you are right. I can't believe I'm saying that, but I never understand why people destroy property or hurt others over a GAME. I don't understand it for any reason, but a game especially.

  5. nfl nba and mlb players will get ejected, suspended, fined and maybe even terminated from the game but NHL players can fight without consequences like the others …why? ?

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