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Pascal Siakam Punked Kyrie Irving And The Celtics

Photo: Tom Szczerbowski (Getty Images)

To this day, the wing of the Raptors, Pascal Siakam, is no longer a shock. Of course, the 24-year-old who dropped 44 on Washington a few weeks ago was surprising, but no one doubts that Siakam is steadily one of the best basketball players in the conference. Is. Perhaps the only unknown in Siakam's game is what his cap is, as he continues to search for new ways to chase opponents of the Raptors conference off the field.

Tuesday, it was the turn of the Boston Celtics to face the anger of "Spicy P", while Siakam scored 25 points on only 16 shots. He started warmly, hitting three first quarter points in the first quarter as Boston sank inexplicably against a gunman who shot 48.6% in February:

Siakam also intimidated Boston into painting, especially in the third quarter. The jewel of his great training and post – commute was a transition dunk from coast to coast after one of his two flights at night. He may not have the progress of the video game Giannis Antetokounmpo, but he is also keen to attack the basket at the break.

Siakam, who is still a little brutal, will sometimes lose control, especially during the publication, but everything worked for him Tuesday. Take this article on the smallest and potentially fraudulent Kyrie Irving. At no time does Siakam seem to have control of its elastic limbs, but thanks to its great skill, a likely turnaround can cause the body to go bad. Two points, it is two points:

On the other side of the field, Siakam still has a tendency to get lost in rotation, but his pure athleticism allows him to recover and stop the discs of his opponents, as he did for Irving, again in the middle third quarter:

Notice how Siakam strikes Irving at the top of the bow to slow him down enough so that he can follow him in order to hit his float in the crowd. It's a veteran move, and he surely benefited from Kawhi Leonard, one of the most heinous defensive players in the world. Siakam could do worse than follow Leonard's career path as a 3D prototype, although he's even sportier than the old Spurs cornerstone.

In February, Siakam earned the highest score of any Toronto squad: the Raptors are 13.3 points better than their opponents on the ground, 6.7 for Leonard and 7.6 for Kyle Lowry. (Side note: The Raptors are good.) His true shot percentage has risen to 61.6% this month, as he has taken more shots than ever before (14.7 per game); this percentage is the second in the team only to the sniper Danny Green.

How slow are you Siakam? The best teams from the Eastern Conference will have to report on it, and soon. Concentrate on him and he is a smugger enough to find one of his theoretically more talented teammates, but leave him alone, as the Celtics did in the first quarter, and he could plunge you into oblivion. Even when Siakam is in the offensive, he is a big enough defender to screw up his opponent's game plan.

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