Pasteur tears viral video baby who cried during baptism


Violence against little children happens often and you often find yourself in the neighborhood. It is not uncommon that there are many cases of abuse, of violence against minors.

This is also usually an important case and can be brought to the law, it is not uncommon in the country that cases of violence against small children become problems that have made the case. Purpose of a thorough investigation.

One of them arrived at the Collegiate Church of Champeux in Paris at the baptism of a priest. This incident was immediately made the congregation surprised by the violence committed by the romo.

Father Jacques Lacroix (89) slapped a small baby that he baptized for not having stopped crying. This incident also shocked the baby's mother and immediately shot her son who was picked up. The mother then hit Lacroix's hand so as not to slap his son.

Both parents and her secret baby name report to the church the outrageous actions of Lacroix. During an interview, Lacroix explained that he only wanted to be solemn during the baptism, but the toddler did not stop crying. Lacroix first stroked the baby's hand, then turned to the cheek and slapped it hard enough for the baby to cry more and more.

Because of this incident finally Jean Yves, as the church also released Lacroix. It is forbidden to drive baptisms or marriage licenses. Yves did not want this incident to happen again in the future and became the motto of local people.



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  1. Yah begitulah kl ajarannya kepura2an ujung2nya akan kelihatan aslinya. Yg katanya ajaran Kasih cm kasih kepura2an. Stlh mati surganya pun cm kepura2an. Stop Jadilah org cerdas jgn mau dibohongi smp mati.

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