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The Fortnite 6.31 update is live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Fortnite's new, outstanding upgrade brings modifications to the mounted turret, shotgun and more.

According to the release notes of version 6.31, Pump Shotgun is offered in epic and legendary variants.

The new Pump Shotgun variants provide up to 105/110 damage and are available from floor loot, chests, dispensing counters and vending machines.

The efficiency of mounted turrets has also been modified to make them more balanced.

Then there is the introduction of the Team Rumble mode, which allows the teams to compete to win the most victims.

"Two great teams are fighting for the Royal Victory in an action packed fashion where the first team to win 100 eliminations wins!" Epic explains.

Fortnite Release Notes updated 6.31 in full …



Bug fixes

• Fixed a problem due to which the controller input was no longer responding when I was trying to send a whisper to a friend.

• Fixed a crash on PS4 when trying to manually exit a group while joining another group.


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• Two big teams are fighting for the Royal Victory in an action packed mode where the first team to win 100 eliminations wins!

Mode details

• Two teams of 20 players.

• Players reappear after 5 seconds once eliminated, keeping their inventory.

• Discarded players generate a random ammunition type during elimination, as well as a random pile of 120 wood, 90 stone or 60 metal materials.

• Only rare weapons (or better) are available.

• The first team to 100 eliminations wins.


• New epic and legendary pump-action shotgun

• 105/110 maximum damage

• Available from floor loot, chests, supply counters and vending machines.

• Shotguns will always apply at least 3 pellets of damage if only 1 or 2 shots hit the target.

• NOTE: Pellets bonuses can never be critical hits.

• Maximum damage caused by shotguns and fallout modifications.

• The maximum damage of shotguns went from 80/85 to 95/100.

• Shotguns cause more damage in the short-range compartments, but the damage disappears faster. This means that you will do more damage to closer targets but less to more distant targets.

• Adding stink bombs to provide drops

• Removal of double shotguns from floor loot

Turret Mounted

• Mounted turret collision adjusted to facilitate the landing of shots against its occupant.

• Removed the possibility of repairing the mounted turret

• Fixed that players could get stuck in turret barrels.

• Refueling widths will open automatically if you land on a mounted turret.

• Drop rate reduced from 1.719% to 0.915%

Bug fixes

• The mounted turret can no longer fire through its own ground.

• Fixed a problem with players who had no audio cue when they slipped after reappearing.

• Fixed a problem with cooler effects not applying properly to players' feet.


• Reduced in-flight speed when using the Glider Redeploy feature in supported game modes.

• Added a feature that allows to place map markers in the world without needing to access the full screen map.

• You can look at a position in the world and use the "Place a marker" key combination to place a map marker. This command will be available by default only in Combat mode.

• This command is set to Left on the D-pad for controllers and the middle mouse button for PC and Mac.

• For mobile players, this command will be linked to an optional button in the HUD presentation tool.

• Added the ability to pick up and reject Dynamite with a fuse on.

• To throw the dynamite on, approach it and use the interaction key.

Bug fixes

• Increase the explosion height of Dynamite against players from 192 to 300 units.

• This was done to prevent players from jumping over the blast area on flat ground without sustaining damage.


• New tournament: Alchemist Pop-Up Cup

Pop-Up Cups are tournaments that test temporary modes of limited duration. Alchemist will continue to test several gameplay adjustments and may differ from one day to the next.

Initial mode settings:

• A 500, 500 stone, 500 metal wood cap

• Harvest rate increased by 40%

• +50 health on the eliminations

Storm wave

• If there are a number of players before the end of the storm closure, a storm surge will be active. This inflicts periodic damage to the players who have suffered the least damage during the match.

• Circle 1: 60 remaining players

• Circle 2: 44 remaining players

• Circle 3: 30 remaining players

• Circle 4: 20 remaining players

• Circle 5: 16 remaining players

• Circle 6: 14 remaining players

• Circle 7: 12 remaining players

• Circle 8: 6 remaining players

• Circle 9: 2 remaining players

• Your highest score or pin during a session of the event will now be displayed on the tournament poster in the Events tab.

• The pins will now reflect the colors of the tournament on the Event Details screen.

Bug fixes

• Fixed a problem where players received points during a warm-up period on the island, which would then be deleted.


• Improved streaming performance on Xbox One and Switch (improved building load time during skydiving)

L & # 39; AUDIO

• The player's audio tracking volume in falling air has been increased.

• The volume of the overheated audio loop of the mounted turret has been reduced.

Bug fixes

• Solved the problem that the glider's audio signal could not be played by players who slipped after the recovery.


Bug fixes

• Fixed a crash on Nintendo Switch that sometimes occurred when you first logged in.


Bug fixes

• Solved the following problem: players' nameplates disappear after cleaning a replay.


• The Map Marker button added to the Palette Presentation Tool

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