Patent reveals first glance at Google's game controller


Highly anticipated: Google is expected to announce its game console at the Game Developers Conference on March 19th. A new patent filed last year and released in January 2019 offers what could be a first glimpse of the material designed by Google. We do not know much about hardware specifications, but the console has been equated to a "Netflix games" optimized by Chromecast and Project Stream technologies.

Google has a mysterious announcement to make at GDC 2019, and we believe that this announcement will relate to the supposed console of Project Yeti, the material that should accompany the Google "Netflix of games" streaming service optimized by Chromecast and technology Project Stream.

A patent has emerged that gives insight into what Google's controller design might look like. The patent was released on January 31, 2019 and uses line drawings to describe the generally standard price of a console controller. The controller offers the traditional D-pad, USB keys, four main buttons and four trigger buttons. In addition, there is a menu button, a home button, a Google button and a microphone button.

the Twitter Representatives The account posted a tweet showing the controller images. The renderings seem to be those of Yanko Design and may not be indicative of the final product.

The patent also describes a notification system built into the controller, which could allow "seamless activation of a game or other application on a host device from a game controller. ". The notification system can also notify users of changes made to player scores, a chat message or an invitation.

The invention relates to a device and a method for a game controller that provides notifications for a game invitation, a chat message, an indication that the highest score of a user has been beaten, or similar. The notification may be provided by an audio and / or visual signal on the game controller. The game controller, in one implementation, may be used to activate one or more host devices (eg, a television monitor, a tablet, smartphone, etc.) if the user presses an action button on the controller or accepts the notification.

This year's GDC will begin March 19 in San Fransisco, California. It will not be long before we know all that you need to know about Google's entry into the gaming sector.

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